United Bridge Partners’ JV Houbolt Bridge Project to Link I-80 with CenterPoint Transportation Hub

Originally Published on August 14, 2018

Source: The Herald News

United Bridge Partners is in a joint venture project with CenterPoint Properties for the construction of Houbolt Bridge in Joliet, Illinois. The bridge will be built over Des Plaines river, as an extended part of Houbolt road that would directly connect CenterPoint Properties inland port intermodal facilities to I-80. Along the bridge, a pedestrian and bike path will also cross the river.

The public-private project is a part of $170 million Houbolt project that is about providing a direct route for trucks between I-80 and CenterPoint Properties’ intermodal parks in Joliet and Elwood. This new connection will reduce truck traffic along Illinois Route 53, promote public safety and foster economic growth in the region.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will reconfigure the existing interchange with I-80 to handle increased traffic congestion. The project also involves reconstruction and extension of Houbolt Road to the bridge. A detailed overview of the Houbolt Road Bridge and Interchange project was presented in an open house in Joliet, on August 14 2018, where CEO Doug Witt and Ken Szeliga VP-Operations, represented United Bridge Partners.

There is a significant rise in such public-private partnership ventures, as governments look for more ways of generating funds for timely execution of major transport infrastructure projects.

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