Cline Avenue Bridge Ascents towards Meeting Aspirations

Originally Published on April 09, 2019

Source: The Times of Northwest Indiana

With all the requisite construction activities already in pace with the scheduled opening time in January 2020, the 6,236-foot new Cline Avenue Bridge is rising steadily, as the mercury levels rise in the region.

“We’re on schedule; we plan to open up in January 2020,” updates Terry Velligan, the General Manager of United Bridge Partners. The bridge is 100% funded by United Bridge Partners.

The $150 million bridge will reduce congestion by taking the truck traffic off local roads. Velligan also alluded to the businesses prospects that have contacted him, anticipating about the new access to northern Lake County. “A lot of businesses will start to look at this and say, now we can get into Lake County,” he said.

It is expected that 10,000 vehicles will pass through the bridge every day, after it opens. The bridge may be expanded in the future, owing to further infrastructure requirements for growth.

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