Originally Published on November 10, 2021


East Chicago, Ind., November 10, 2021 – Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC, owned and operated by United Bridge Partners, announces their winter weather preparations are in place to provide commuters a safe and dependable drive as the temperatures drop.    

Cline Avenue Bridge has again partnered with American Veteran Industries, LLC (AVI), a veteran owned company, for snow removal services. To keep ahead of wintry conditions, Cline Avenue Bridge and American Veterans Industries continuously monitor the weather, then once a storm is imminent, a dispatch plan is created and resources are deployed.     To be ready for every storm, a fleet of three plow trucks and a front loader are kept onsite at the Cline Avenue Bridge operations center. Before a storm, the crew applies a brine mixture to all ramps and the bridge deck to prevent snow and ice from adhering to the road surface.    

When snow starts falling, two plow trucks work in tandem with each clearing one direction of travel while applying ice melt. Plowing and ice melt application continues until snowfall stops. At the end of a winter weather event, any snow accumulation is removed from bridge shoulders by the front loader and another layer of ice melt is applied to prevent refreezing.    

“The safety of our customers is and always will be our number one priority, and this is especially evident in our winter preparedness strategy,” said Terry Velligan, general manager of operations at Cline Avenue Bridge. “The level of care and attention that we give to our 1.7-mile bridge assures our customers and emergency personnel a reliable route all winter long.”    

To make the upcoming season safe for everyone on the road, the Cline Avenue Bridge reminds drivers to buckle up, drive distraction free, reduce travel speeds and increase following gaps during storms, and not to pass snow removal vehicles working to clear the roadway.      

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC is owned by United Bridge Partners (UBP), a private infrastructure company that finances, designs, builds, owns, and operates private toll bridges across the United States, meeting the needs of under-funded state and municipal governments to replace failing bridge infrastructure. UBP is funded by a $1 billion capital commitment from the New American Bridges Fund, an affiliate of American Infrastructure Partners, and uses no local, state, or federal financing to accomplish private bridge projects. The Cline Avenue Bridge reconnects SR 912 to Interstate 90 and serves as “The Gateway of Lake County” while providing the most direct route into Lake County and the most time-saving route to Chicago. For more information, visit

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