With Other Projects Taking Priority, State Passes Over United Bridge Partners’ Highway 37 Proposal

Originally Published on April 05, 2018

Source: Sonoma Index-Tribune

As reported by California Department of Transportation, the traditional funding by the state may take as long as 70 years for the project to get underway. Another review by the University of California asserts of rising sea levels that may lead to partial submersion of the roadway by 2050.
The Chairman of the Highway 37 policy committee, David Rabbit, expressed his concern over the negligence of state authority in this matter. Even the local leaders are reluctant about the privatization of the troubled route and are stuck on the traditional long-term plan. With other infrastructure projects on top priority for the counties involved, the Highway 37 project seems to be holding a back seat.
Even if the Regional Measure 3 gets approved in the Bay area, the state authority will not be able to generate enough funds for rebuilding the Highway. This calls for the need for an alternative solution of turning over the route to a private operator. That?s where United Bridge Partners, a private investment firm, proposal of operating Highway 37 could bring tremendous help to the surrounding communities. Emphasizing the need of an immediate action plan for the roadway, the CEO of the firm expressed his desire to provide capital help.
News Source: Sonoma Index-Tribune